IPS Full Form, Salary, Qualification & How To Become An IPS ?

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IPS full form

Today, I’m here to discuss a knowledgeable topic in which you’ll know about an IPS such as IPS full form, salary, eligibility, how to prepare ? and also other related information about an IPS.

IPS Full Form, Salary, Qualification & How To Become An IPS ? –

When we are a kid, a bundle of thoughts come into our mind.

Fortunately, if someone asks to us what your goal is in your life, we answer it according to our suitability and preference.

At the same time, some of us express our feelings towards IAS, IPS, IFS, Doctor, teacher. In other words, many more ideas are explored.

So, if you decided to become an IPS, you can read the article properly, because here you will know all about an IPS.

By the way, becoming an IPS is not a child’s play. It rather takes much time and hard work.

If you are also interested to know about an IAS, read the article.

The first thing comes into our mind, how to become an IPS ?

If you know about the process and the ways of becoming an IPS, that’s fine.

But, if you don’t know how many ways are there to become an IPS, don’t worry I am here to explain.

Without taking more time, let’s start the topic that is about IPS full form, salary, eligibility, how to prepare ? and more.

1. What is an IPS ? –

Firstly, know that IPS is one of the three All India Services and it’s employed by the central government and the respective states.

IPS officers have plenty of responsibilities to do so they are always busy.

2. IPS full form –

If you’re going to prepare for IPS or already doing preparation, of course you must know about what is IPS full form ?

Because, it’s very important to know.

Even in case of any exam, you must know the full form of that particular exam.

It’s so because, suppose that you are preparing for any exam and you don’t know the full form of that particular exam, it may be very embarrassing for you when someone asks about that.

Hence, always you must aware of this.

IPS full form is nothing, but it’s Indian Police Service.

I think, now no one will hesitate to explain IPS full form.

3. How to become an IPS ? –

A lot of people after completing 10+2 or graduation have a question in their minds, how to become an IPS ?

Well, there are two ways to become an IPS, now it only depends on you which one suits you the most.

The first one is by promoting state police service officers and the other is by qualifying the exam of UPSC.

It means, whether you first become an officer in the state police service or choose the UPSC exam direct.

For your kind information, in older time there was a LCE ( Limited Competitive Examination ) provision to be selected IPS officers.

But in 2018, it was changed by the Supreme Court and now this exam is conducted by UPSC. This means, now IPS officers are selected from those candidates who have passed UPSC.

If you are looking for the information about an SDM, go and check it by clicking the given link.

4. What is the qualification of IPS ? –

No need to have high qualification to take the exam of UPSC, but it’s only required graduation.

It means, after graduation you are free to apply for UPSC.

Additionally, there are some physical qualification related to height, chest & eyesight. You can check these from the other resources.

5. How can I prepare for IPS Exam ?

Exactly I can’t say, what should be the actual strategy ?

But, I’ll definitely recommend you to read newspaper daily, NCERT textbook, Watch TV news channel

Consequently, you can easily know, what’s happening throughout the whole country ?

Apart from them, you should consume at least 8 hours a day on IPS exam syllabus and I’ll recommend you to boost your general knowledge from many resources.

6. Is it easy to become IPS ? –

In my opinion, I’ll say that the exam has both the qualities.

I mean to say that it’s very easy for those people who determine to become an IPS and also work hard.

On the other hand, It’s very tough for those who only think of becoming an IPS, but don’t work hard.

Therefore, I would say that the exam is a bit tough, but not impossible.

7. Which stream is best for IPS ?

If you’re a student in lower classes or a graduate and want to know which stream will be suitable for cracking the IPS exam, I’ll suggest you to choose Commerce or Art.

If you choose one of these streams, I can make you sure that the subjects, which will be studied here will definitely help you in future.

8. What is the salary of the IPS ?

If you’re also curious to know, what is the salary of an IPS ?, I am telling a range that is from INR 56,100 to INR 2,25000.

9. What are the benefits of IPS ? –

When you hold this rank, you get a lot of benefits which are very abnormal.

The benefits are such as privacy protection, selective logging, reputation managed protection, free accommodation & security guards, an official vehicle with driver, free medical treatment and many more.

Eventually, I hope that the information must have helped you and of course you’ll be satisfied.

I’ve covered all the important details, which come into an aspirant’s mind.

Here, I discussed IPS full form, qualification, stream, how to become an IPS ? and many more information related to it.

So, if you really liked the article, please share it to those who need it.

Thank you.

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