A Visit to the Historical Place Essay ( Class 6 to 12 )

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A Visit to the Historical Place Essay

Today, in this article I’m going to write a visit to the historical place essay for classes 6 to 12. If you’re a student up to the 12th standard, this article can prove to be very helpful for you.

Actually, a visit to the historical place essay is very important from the perspective of exams. So, you must prepare this so that you can write it properly in the exams.

Well, there are lots of historic places in India but today I’ll write about Fatehpur Sikri.

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Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic that is about a visit to the historical place essay.

A Visit to the Historical Place Essay or A Visit to a Historical Place Essay 500 Words with headings –

1. Name of the place and its location

Last year, I went to experience a historical place ( Fatehpur Sikri ) that is located in Agra. Fatehpur Sikri is a town where lakhs of tourists come to see it every year.

I also went to see the place very closely with my family.

2. How did we start?

After Holi, our family members decided to visit one of the historical places in India. At last, they came to the conclusion that they would go to visit Fatehpur Sikri.

About a week after Holi, we all left for Agra by car. Almost after five hours, we reached Agra.

But being late at night, we decided to stay in a hotel. Our hotel was very luxurious and full of facilities. The hotel was very close to the place that we wanted to visit.

When it was morning, all our family members got ready and set out from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri by car.

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3. Distance and Time

Actually, the distance from Agra to Fatehpur Sikri is about thirty-six kilometers via the Bikaner-Agra route. It took us about 35 to 40 minutes by car to cover such a distance.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot on the way.

This route was so good that whenever I decide to go to Fatehpur Sikri in the future, I will choose this path only.

4. Why and who built it?

When we reached Fatehpur Sikri, we hired a guide. He told everything about Fatehpur Sikri.

The first thing that we came to know from our guide was that the place was founded by Akbar when he conquered Gujrat.

Moreover, he told us a lot of surprising things about Buland Darwaza that is situated in Fatehpur Sikri.

He told us that it’s the highest gate in the world, it’s a grand specimen of Architecture and Indian art, it was built more than four hundred years ago, etc.

We saw the real palace of Jodha Bai and the court hall. However, the palace was not in good condition but we were amazed to see this.

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5. What impressed me the most?

Well, I was very curious to see this place beforehand but when I entered the town, I was surprised because I got to see a lot of excellent buildings there such as Buland Darwaza, Panch Mahal, Salim Chishti’s Dargah, etc.

The building that impressed me the most was the Buland Darwaza.

When I was on the stairs of the Buland Darwaza, I felt that I was in Egypt.

Additionally, I was feeling very proud of Indian workmanship. It literally gave me a glimpse of India’s past glory.

6. Conclusion

At last, I would say that I saw many amazing buildings in Fatehpur Sikri and learnt a lot from those buildings.

But, I was very sad to know that the city was deserted by the same man who built it. So, if you want to see the real architecture of ancient people, you must go there.

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A Visit to a Historical Place Essay 100 Words or Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place for Class 6 –

  1. When I was 11 year old, I went to Delhi to meet my uncle with my family.
  2. I got an opportunity to visit Qutab Minar.
  3. When I saw the Qutab Minar, I was very surprised.
  4. My family was very curious to collect more information about the Qutab Minar.
  5. Due to this, my father hired a guide.
  6. He told us that Qutab Minar is the tallest minar of India.
  7. It was built during the Mughal period.
  8. I loved its construction design.
  9. We had a wonderful experience seeing the surroundings of the Qutub Minar.
  10. For a while, I felt that I was in a fort.

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A Visit to a Historical Place Paragraph 150 Words or A Historical Place Essay for Class 9 –

There are many historical places in our country and Agra is one of them. Although Agra is known for many things but it’s very illustrious for the Taj Mahal.

Every year lakhs of people come to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal.

One day I asked my family members to visit Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Everyone was very happy hearing this and after about 2 weeks we left for Agar to see the Taj Mahal.

When we reached the place where the Taj Mahal is located, I was astonished for a while because I had never seen such a beautiful place and building.

Since I had already read about the Taj in my books, I was telling my family everything about it such as why and who built it?, construction techniques, used materials, etc.

Hence, No one hired any guide.

The view around the Taj Mahal was very spectacular. There were many ornamental trees that adorned the place.

There were also pools of water at some places.

When I saw the real Taj, I didn’t believe that there would have been such architecture even in the olden times. There were a lot of foreigners who were shooting for the Taj and taking pictures. Overall, I enjoyed a lot there. When I came back home, I wished to see it again with my friends.

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Historical Place Essay 250 Words or Essay on a Visit to a Historical Place for Class 10 –

One day, our school teachers planned to visit a historical place. After about two weeks, we set out for a historical place that was in Delhi.

When we were heading to Delhi by bus, we decided to visit the Red Fort.

Since we left the school early in the morning, we reached the Red Fort at 3 pm.

Well, many of us had already visited this place but they were wishing to visit it again as they wanted to collect more information under proper guidance.

Since all the history teachers were in the charge of the journey, we didn’t need any guide there. The teachers gathered us at one place and bought tickets for us.

As we entered the Red Fort, we all felt as if we had landed on Mars as the view all around was red which looked great.

Moreover, our history teachers started telling more about the fort.

There were two rows of shops where art and handicraft items were being sold. The place where the shops were located was known as the Meena Bazar in the Mughal time.

After that, we saw many places inside the Red Fort such as Diwan-e-Aam known as the Hall of Public Audience, Rang Mahal, Khas Mahal, War Memorial Museum etc.

When teachers were telling us about these places, we were creating a scenario in our minds so that we could connect things to the Mughal period.

As a result, we all had entered the Mughal period which was giving us great pleasure.

When we came out of the fort, we all went to a restaurant and had a good dinner.

Overall, the experience was great and while returning from there we thought of visiting another historical place with the same teachers.

Final words –

I hope that the article has proved to be very useful for the students of all classes because I have written a visit to the historical place essay in many ways including different historical places.

If you really enjoyed the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

Vijay Gupta

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