Speech on Importance of Yoga in English for 2, 3 & 5 Minutes

By Vijay Gupta

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Speech on importance of yoga

In this article, I’m going to tell you how to give a speech on importance of yoga. This article consists of three speeches with different duration of time.

That means if you’re looking for a speech on importance of yoga, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve seen that many times students try to give a speech on importance of yoga but due to lack of knowledge, they are unable to give an effective speech.

That’s why I thought that I must write an article on it so that students can easily give an effective speech on this topic.

Hence, without wasting your valuable time let’s start writing the article.

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Speech on Importance of Yoga in English for 2, 3 & 5 Minutes –

1. Speech on Importance of Yoga in English for 2 Minutes –

Hello everyone, my name is Shalini Awasthi and I study in class 7th. Today, I’m very glad as my yoga teacher gave me an opportunity to speak on the importance of yoga, but please give me pardon if make any mistakes.

First of all, my salutations to all the teachers and students who are patiently listening to me.

As you know, today is International Yoga Day and it’s a very important day for the whole world. In this stressful life, the importance of yoga is increasing day by day and so far its importance has increased so much that every person wants to do it.

Although people have known about yoga since ancient times, but it has emerged rapidly in a few decades. Due to its rapid emergence, It gained international recognition in 2015.

Actually, there are many benefits of doing yoga. It not only gives peace to the body, mind, and soul but it also provides flexibility to our body as compared to others. Yoga is the only way that can make people’s day effective. It can relieve mental stress and instill a lot of self-confidence in a person.

Seeing the growing effect of yoga, today billions of people are taking advantage of it by incorporating it into their lives.

In the end, I’d suggest all of you do yoga daily so that you can avoid the diseases.

Thank you.

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2. Speech on Importance of Yoga in English for 3 Minutes –

Good morning to all, my name is Aparna Shukla and I study in class 10th.

Today, on the occasion of Yoga Day, I’m going to give a speech on the importance of yoga so that you can also include it in your life. By chance, if there is any mistake, please forgive me.

Truly, the whole world needs yoga.

People are so busy and stricken in the hustle and bustle of life that yoga is the only way that can take care of their mental, social, spiritual, and physical health.

Yoga not only helps people to concentrate but is also responsible for keeping them healthy. In other words, by practicing yoga continuously, your mind becomes calm and connected with the inner soul.

Additionally, there are many benefits of doing yoga. It increases the power of concentration, makes people active, brings peace to the body, establishes flexibility and improves blood circulation in the body, etc.

Well, yoga is of many types ( Karma Yoga, Swara Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Kriya Yoga, etc. ), but if you include any of them into your life, your life will be filled with great peace and seem different from others. Anyone from a child to old age can practice yoga. People can’t guess its benefits until or unless they themselves include it in their lives.

So, I would always recommend you to do yoga in your daily life.

Thank you.

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3. Speech on Importance of Yoga in English for 5 Minutes –

Good afternoon everyone, I’m Hridyansh Gupta who studies in class 12th. Today, I’m going to give a speech on the importance of yoga. If I make any mistakes, please forgive me.

As you all know, how much stress is there in the world?

We are so busy in our life that we’re unable to pay attention to our health due to which various types of diseases are arising.

In earlier times, people used to do so much hard work that they didn’t need to do yoga. But, today time has changed.

In today’s time, no one wants to do hard work or physical labor due to which people are getting a lot of stress and laziness.

Those who know the importance of yoga are doing it continuously and influencing others as well, but those who don’t know can never understand its value.

Actually, yoga is the only way by which we can stay fresh throughout the day.

By practicing yoga, we can keep ourselves fit on all sides and easily remove inner anxiety and stress.

Also, it’s very helpful to sharpen and stabilize the intelligence of the people as yoga is such a process that keeps the energy alive inside people as well as helps to concentrate on doing any kind of work.

It has many other benefits like making blood flow smoothly in the body, making muscles flexible, getting rid of problems like obesity, driving away from the laziness of the body, protecting the body from diseases, providing internal strength, etc.

Overall, yoga is very important in people’s lives, people have to understand it.

Today, yoga has gained popularity globally since it was recognized in 2015 through the tireless efforts of Narendra Modi.

Along with our country, other countries are also giving importance to it. They are following all its asanas for more benefits.

Therefore, I’ll recommend you to do yoga daily so that you can be free from diseases and stress too.

Thank you.

Final words –

Lastly, I hope the article on Speech on Importance of Yoga proved to be very useful for you because here I’ve written three speeches with different time duration. Now, you can choose any of them to speak publicly.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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