Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude for Students

By Vijay Gupta

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Inspiring short stories on positive attitude

Today, I’m going to write an article in which I’ll tell you some inspiring short stories on positive attitude.

In today’s life, people have become so negative that any minor untoward incident disturbs them easily. So, I thought why I shouldn’t write an article on it.

Well, these inspiring short stories on positive attitude can prove to be very helpful for anyone, but I would highly recommend the students to read them.

As a student, if you keep yourself positive, surely the percentage of positivity around you will increase in the upcoming time.

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That’s why if you’re a student you must read these inspiring short stories on positive attitude so that you think positively all the time.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing the article.

Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude –

Here are some inspiring short stories on positive attitude, read them for moral education.

1. Never give up –

In a village, there was a school the owner of which was very polite and considerate. Initially, the school performed very well, but after a few years, the number of students started decreasing. As a result, the owner had a great loss.

The people of the village also came to know that the school was going to be closed soon. But, the owner of the school didn’t give up hope and decided to revive it with his hard work.

Again, he started working hard and managed everything the same way that he used to. After a few months, the school got the same popularity and image in the village as it had before.

Seeing this, all the villagers were astonished and appreciated his work.

Positive attitude – The owner of the school didn’t give up hope and decided to revive the school with his hard work.

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2. Dog’s bite –

A rich man was fond of keeping a dog, so he bought a dog from the market. He used to take him out of the house for a walk every morning. He had been doing this continuously for the last few months. In fact, he loved him very much.

The people of his colony were also very happy seeing his affection for the dog.

One day, when he came home from his office, the dog bit him while entering the house. When the people of his colony came to know about the incident, they started criticizing the dog, but the man didn’t react to it.

When the man’s wound was healed, he again went to the dog and hugged him lovingly. Similarly, the dog also licked his owner.

Positive attitude – The man never brought any negative thoughts to the dog.

3. Conversation between two merchants –

There lived a wheat merchant in a town. He had several bighas of land. Whenever wheat from his fields came to his house, the house was filled with sacks of wheat.

Since wheat sacks were also sold at good prices, he used to take the sacks back while selling wheat to the people.

One day, another merchant came to him to buy eighty sacks of wheat. He bought wheat and went away from there. Suddenly the wheat merchant remembered that he had forgotten to take back the sacks, he called him and said, “I’ve sold you wheat, not sacks, so please return the sacks as soon as possible.”

The other merchant thought a little and replied, “I was also about to call you and ask you to get your sacks back, otherwise you will lose your sacks and be disappointed.”

Positive attitude – The other merchant was not offended when asked to return the sacks, but he gave a solid answer in a positive way.

4. A Hope that no one had –

In a village, children and old people all used to work as laborers. As soon as a child was able to work, he was put to work. It was going on for several years. There was an orphan boy. He also worked like other children.

One day, he decided to leave the labor job and thought of doing something different from the other children.

Suddenly, he saw a policeman in his village and thought why not become a policeman. When this news spread in the village, everyone started laughing and explained to him that he couldn’t do that. But, the boy didn’t give up hope. He left the village the next day and went somewhere alone.

After ten years, he returned to his village wearing the uniform of the police. The result was that all the villagers were shocked.

Positive attitude – The boy was sure that he could become a policeman, so he proceeded.

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5. Guts of the giraffe –

A giraffe was walking in the forest. He saw a tree beside him. He went to the tree and started eating the leaves using his high neck.

There were also some cheetahs there. On seeing the giraffe, they pounced on him. Seeing the distress, the giraffe was terrified. All the cheetahs started scratching him.

Due to his high neck, he didn’t fall quickly, but those cheetahs were trying their best to fall down and grab his neck.

The giraffe thought that if he fell down, he would become the hunt of those cheetahs. That’s why he put all his might and drove those cheetahs away by hitting them with his long legs.

Ultimately, the giraffe was safe.

Positive attitude – The giraffe thought that if he fell down, he would become the hunt of those cheetahs, so try your best to avoid this distress.

6. Nature of a bee –

An ascetic was doing penance in the forest. There was a clean pond nearby. After getting up from the penance, when he started taking water from the pond, he saw that a bee was drowning in the water.

He tried to get the bee out but as soon as he took it out, it would bite him. Even after biting him many times, the ascetic was trying to get it out.

A man standing in the distance was watching the scene. When he asked that ascetic, “Why are you taking her out if it’s biting you repeatedly?”

The ascetic replied, “As bitting is the nature of a bee, in the same way, it’s my nature to save a life.”

Positive attitude – As bitting is the nature of a bee, in the same way, it’s my nature to save a life.

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7. Positive thoughts of a poor man –

In olden times, a man was very upset with his life as he earned very little in comparison to others. Actually, he earned three hundred and fifty rupees per day.

On the other hand, there was another man who was very happy with his life despite being very poor.

One day, both the men met at a tea shop. The man who was happy said to the other man, “I am very happy in my life as I’m able to take care of my family with the money that I earn.”

The other man asked, “How much money do you earn in a day?” The happy man replied that he earned three hundred rupees per day.

The unhappy man was shocked to hear this because he earned more than the happy man, yet he wasn’t happy.

As a result, he asked about many other things related to his life, which inspired him a lot.

Positive attitude – Another man was poor but happy with what he earned.

Final words –

I hope that this article has the best inspiring short stories on positive attitude. After reading these stories, you will surely learn something new for your life.

If you really liked this article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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