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Moral stories in English for class 7

This article is about moral stories in English for class 7. Students who are looking for the best moral stories in English for class 7 can definitely read this article.

Now, it doesn’t mean that the students from other classes can’t read this article. Of course, they can.

You’ll surely learn something from these moral stories at the end.

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Hence without wasting your valuable time, let’s start writing some of the best moral stories in English for class 7.

Moral Stories in English for Class 7 or Very Short English Stories

Here are some of the best moral stories in English for class 7. You must read them.

1. An upset crow

Once a baby crow fell into the sea causing the crow to be very upset. Without worrying about the problems, he started removing water from the sea with his beak.

Seeing this, another bird sitting beside him said, “What are you doing, you’ll not get any benefit from this.”

The crow replied, “Don’t give me advice, if you want to help me, please do.” Hearing these words of the crow, the other bird also started helping him.

Thousands of such birds came and told others that advice is not needed, please help us if you can.

When Lord Vishnu’s Vehicle Garuda saw it, he also decided to help that crow.

As soon as Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu, reached there, the sea got scared and returned the child to the crow.

The moral of the story is that instead of giving advice, we should help people because maybe our little help can solve their problems.

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2. Hungry dogs

Three dogs lived in a city. They were very close friends. One day, all three dogs were very hungry.

They started searching for food, but they couldn’t find anything. At last, they found a bone lying in the water.

They tried hard to get it but failed.

One of them thought that if we became able to drink all the water, we could definitely get that bone.

They started drinking water. Even when their stomachs were full, they didn’t stop drinking water, which caused their stomachs to burst and they all died.

The moral of the story is that we shouldn’t try an impossible task in a foolish manner.

3. A father and his sons

A father had four sons. He loved them very much. They always used to help one another in trouble.

When he was lying on the bed of death, he called all his sons beside him and asked each of them to take a stick.

He told his eldest son to take all those sticks together and tie them in a bundle. After that, he told them to break it. Consequently, all his sons tried, but they were unsuccessful to break the bundle of sticks.

Then, he told them to break their own stick that they had taken individually. They tried again and became successful to do so.

As a result, his father told them that when the sticks were in the form of a bundle, no one could break it and when the sticks were not in the form of a bundle, everyone broke it.

Then, all his sons started smiling and understood the feelings of their father.

The story teaches us that unity has strength and we should always be in unity.

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4. A poor shopkeeper

There was a poor shopkeeper in a small village. His financial condition was not so good that he could live his life properly.

Keeping this in mind, people around him used to buy things from him.

His sales were completely dependent on the purchase of the people around him. Sometimes he had a good sale, but sometimes there was no sale. As a result, he was very sad.

Apart from this, he was also very upset with the rats, because the rats used to litter his stuff which caused him much loss.

One day, he saw three mice fighting among themselves in the shop. Seeing this, he got very angry.

Consequently, he threw a stave on those rats, but the stave hit a glass jar and broke it, causing him more loss.

The story teaches us that we shouldn’t do anything in anger because it can cause more harm.

5. A turtle without armor

A turtle named Mini lived in a pond. God gave him a very strong armor.

He had saved his life many times with the armor. Once a herd of cows came to drink water in the pond and a cow’s leg fell on the turtle, but nothing happened to him. Due to this, he was very happy.

One day he felt that the armor was too heavy and he didn’t need it. He took it off and began to wander in the pond.

Suddenly, a herd of buffalo came to drink water in the pond. He got many hits of the buffalo’s feet and started crying. Then, he realized that if he had his armor, he probably would not have got those hits.

The moral of the story is that we should always respect what we have got from nature.

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6. A monk and a man

Once a young man was passing through a village. He heard a monk saying, I can give you everything that you want, come to me and take it.

Hearing so, the young man thought why not check whether he could give him what he wanted? The young man went to the monk and told him that he wanted to become an entrepreneur.

Could you give him money so that he can start his own business on a large scale?

The monk placed his hand on the left palm of the man and said, “I am giving you the most precious thing that is called time, hold it and never lose it.”

Again, he placed his hand on the right palm of the man and said, “I am giving you the second most precious thing that is called patience, whenever you don’t get results despite giving time, wear it.”

Hearing those words of the monk, the young man went away from there.

After that, the young man started a small business and he worked diligently. He never lost his time and always had patience. Seven years later, he became a successful businessman and was very happy thinking about the words of that monk.

The moral of the story is that you should never waste your time and always be patient. One day, you will definitely achieve you goal.

7. A mischievous monkey

A businessman decided to build a temple in his village. He hired some workers to build the temple.

One day, when all the workers were eating their lunch, some monkeys came there and started playing with whatever they got.

Some monkeys were also harming things.

At the same time, one of them saw a chisel stuck in the wood. He wondered what it was. As he pulled that chisel, his leg got stuck in that wood.

When he found himself trapped, he started shouting. All the workers gathered there and beat that monkey.

The story teaches us that we should never do work that we don’t have knowledge of.

Final words

I hope that you must have learnt valuable lessons from these moral stories in English for class 7.

Here are the best moral stories in English for class 7. If you really liked the article, please share it with those who need it.

Thank you.

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