Which Is Better ICSE or CBSE Board ? ( 90 % Parents are confused )

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Which is better ICSE or CBSE

Today, in this article you’ll know, which is better ICSE or CBSE board ?

It’s the most confusing question for the parents who are worried about the future of their children.

When the parents think of getting their children admitted in a school, the first question comes into their minds, which is better ICSE or CBSE board ?

Well, this confusion occurs only with educated parents.

Because, uneducated or ignorant parents only want to get their children enrolled in a school. It doesn’t matter to them which board the school is attached to.

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Actually, this is not the fault of the parents, rather it’s just unawareness.

By the way, there are four boards ( CBSE, ICSE, IB and State Boards ) in India but the most popular boards are CBSE and ICSE.

Now, the question is, which is better ICSE or CBSE ?

If you’re also much confused about, which is better ICSE or CBSE for your children ?, stay tuned.

Without wasting your valuable time let’s start the topic, which is better ICSE or CBSE board ?

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Which Is Better ICSE or CBSE Board ? ( 90 % Parents are confused ) –

1. Which is better ICSE or CBSE ? –

As I mentioned earlier, most of the parents are confused about, which is better ICSE or CBSE ?, but now you’ll have no confusion about it.

ICSE board –

ICSE is an abbreviation for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education.

Its syllabus is based upon theoretical as well as more practical knowledge.

That means, ICSE syllabus improves the practical knowledge of the students. At the same time, CBSE doesn’t focus on more practical knowledge.

The medium of instructions of ICSE is only English and it doesn’t allow Hindi.

The exams of ICSE board are conducted by another board that is CISCE ( Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ).

CISCE conducts two types of exams for class 10th and 12th.

The first one is ICSE examination for class 10th and the second one is ISC examination for class 12th.

CBSE board –

CBSE is an abbreviation for Central Board of Secondary Education.

It is recognized by the Government of India. CBSE syllabus consists of more theoretical knowledge in comparison to ICSE.

In addition, the number of CBSE affiliated schools is higher than the ICSE affiliated schools in India. As a result, CBSE board is very popular.

If we talk about its medium of instructions, it allows both the languages English as well as Hindi.

There are two higher level exams, which are conducted by CBSE.

The first one is AISSE ( All India Secondary School Examination ) for class 10th and the second one is AISSCE ( All India Senior School Certificate Examination ) for class 12th.

Apart from this, CBSE allows recruitment of primary, secondary and senior secondary level students.

Conclusion –

Well, both the boards are good for the students and the certificates of these boards are valid anywhere in India.

Now the point is, which is better ICSE or CBSE ?

Without any hesitation, I would prefer you to choose CBSE. Because, CBSE is not only the best board but it also helps you in future while preparing for the competitive exams.

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2. Differences between ICSE and CBSE board syllabus –

The syllabus of ICSE and CBSE board is completely different.

ICSE syllabus is based upon theoretical and practical knowledge whereas CBSE syllabus is mostly based on theoretical knowledge.

The syllabus of ICSE focuses more on practical knowledge than CBSE.

CBSE pays much attention to Science and Mathematics. On the other hand, ICSE gives equal importance to all the subjects like Science, Mathematics, Language, Art etc.

CBSE syllabus is pretty easy to study and incorporates NCERT books, but ICSE syllabus is a bit tough and comprehensive.

CBSE includes a compact syllabus with fewer subjects and ICSE comprises many subjects with few social subjects like Humanities, Home science, Agriculture, Cooking etc.

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3. Admission process of ICSE and CBSE board –

Since the boards are totally different, admission process will also be different.

ICSE admission process –

To get admission in ICSE affiliated schools, the students will have to pass a standard test, which is related to the class in which they wish to take admission.

Sometimes, students are unable to qualify the standard test, the school asks to get admitted in lower classes.

Moreover, if the students want to take admission in ICSE affiliated schools for class 10th or 12th, they will have to take admission in previous classes ( 9th or 11th ) for that.

CBSE admission process –

Admission process in CBSE board is easier than ICSE board.

Here, the students undergo a basic test, that’s it.

In addition, the students who want to take admission in CBSE affiliated schools for 10th or 12th, they must have an NOC ( No Objection Certificate ) of their previous schools.

Otherwise, it may not be possible.

There is one more thing that is the admission for class 10th or 12th is granted only when the students have completed their previous classes ( 9th or 11th ) from CBSE board.

4. Pros and cons of ICSE board –

Here are some pros and cons related to ICSE board.

Pros ( good things ) –

The most admirable thing of ICSE board is that it gives a good opportunity to hold a command in English.

ICSE board focuses equally on the subjects. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the subjects.

Cons ( bad things ) –

The bad thing of ICSE board is that it’s very expensive as compared to CBSE board.

Apart from this, ICSE board has more subjects to study.

5. Pros and cons of CBSE board –

Here are some pros and cons related to CBSE.

Pros ( good things ) –

If you enroll your children in CBSE board, surely your children will get its benefit while preparing for competitive exams.

Actually, there are a bundle of competitive exams ( NEET, IIT-JEE Mains & Advance etc. ), which are conducted by CBSE board.

These exams give more weightage to NCERT books. As a result, you don’t need to work hard to crack these exams.

Additionally, CBSE board is better for those students whose parents keep relocating across India due to their jobs or something else.

CBSE board has fewer subjects to study, that’s a good thing.

Even CBSE board conducts several exams to provide scholarships.

Cons ( bad things ) –

CBSE board concentrates more on Mathematics and Science rather than all subjects.

It also has a strict method of marking.

FAQs on which is better ICSE or CBSE ? –

1. Which board is best for education ? –

I would always recommend you to choose CBSE board. It’s one of the most popular boards as well as very economical as compared to ICSE.

CBSE board also helps students while preparing for competitive exams such as IIT-JEE, NEET etc.

2. Is ICSE difficult than CBSE ? –

Yes, ICSE is more difficult than CBSE and even it contains more number of books to study.

3. Which board is best for future ? –

If you’re thinking of preparing for competitive exams ( IIT-JE, NEET etc. ) in future, CBSE board will be the best board for you.

It’s so because these competitive exams give more weightage to NCERT books that are basically taught in CBSE board.

4. Is CBSE board tough ? –

Not at all. CBSE board is not only easier but also includes a compact syllabus in comparison to ICSE.

5. Which board is toughest in India ? –

There are totally four boards in India and these are CBSE, ICSE, IB and State boards. But, the toughest board is ICSE ( Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ).

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